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Research shows that travelling and going places is one of the biggest joys for elderly. Often, they are forced to give it up due to mobility challenges or lack of confidence and willingness to navigate the uncertainty that comes with it.
This is where Samarth’s Mobility &Travel support services for elderly in are designed to help seniors maintain their independence and stay active in their communities. These services include customized assistance with local transport travel planning and arrangement both within India and overseas, companion for local & domestic/ international drops, assistance in packing, moving, or relocating, and Samarth’s accompanied, customised and group tours for seniors.
Samarth ensures that these services are delivered in with a high level of care and professionalism, making it safe and stress-free for seniors.

Mobility and assisted travel services should be considered for your elderly parents in when they begin facing challenges with driving, walking long distances, using public transport, incontinence, or anxiety in dealing with uncertain situations or when loss of a spouse takes away a companion for travel. These difficulties can significantly limit their ability to carry out daily activities, participate in social events, even attend medical appointments independently. Early adoption of mobility & travel services for elderly can sustain their independence and help avoid the emotional impact of feeling isolated or dependent. Samarth plays a critical role in ensuring these services are not only accessible but also adapted to the specific lifestyles and preferences of each senior.

Providing travel services to elders in offers numerous benefits, including increased independence, better access to healthcare, enhanced social interaction, happiness and positive outlook that comes from being able to travel to places. Mobility & travel services for elderly enable seniors to visit friends, participate in community activities, and enjoy their freedom to explore. These services significantly contribute to improved mental health and overall well-being by keeping seniors active and engaged with their communities.

Samarth provides a broad range of mobility & travel services for elderly in tailored for seniors, ensuring their transport and travel is safe and comfortable. Services include arranging, or even accompanying for local transport whether for leisure, work or medical reasons, travel planning and arrangement both within India and overseas, companion for local &domestic/ international drops, assistance in packing, moving or relocating, and Samarth’s accompanied, customised and group tours exclusively designed for seniors. Samarth also offers end to end assistance and coordination through its Transit Care Hubs at major healthcare destinations which have large hospitals and specialists when seniors have to travel to these places for medical reasons.

The care team in closely works with each senior to personalize these services, effectively enhancing their independence and enabling them to engage more fully with their community. This commitment ensures seniors can move across their environments and maintain an active lifestyle with dignity.

Travel and Mobility support is an integral part of Samarth’s Comprehensive Care plans as well as Companion Care plan which are tailored for every family.

For active seniors, Samarth also has a lifestyle programme called Samarth Privilege, also available in , which includes online engagement activities, exclusive tours, meetups, magazine, a range of discounts and whatsapp and phone-based support.

To know more or access any of the programmes, simply click here and request for a free consultation with a Samarth Advisor or whatsapp on +91 88000 24784

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