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From paying routine monthly utility bills, staff salaries to paperwork for pension, taxes, renewing insurance covers, tax and financial planning and filing returns, elderly need to manage a number of money matters on a regular basis. Many of them have to be done in time, either online through various payment methods and gateways or on cash to keep the wheels of daily life moving smoothly. Samarth’s support for payments and financial services for elders and designed to simplify these tasks and help ensure that elders can maintain their financial health and independence without the stress of daily risks of handling cash or online frauds. We coordinate with family or children for these and make sure that the payments are made and paperwork is done responsibly with precision and care.

In , managing finances well is key for the elderly to keep their assets safe and expenses under control. Samarth’s financial services for elders are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of seniors, especially in cases of dependence on house-staff, falling health and memory and low confidence with online transactions. Our support helps reduces their stress of handling money as they age, and ensures peace of mind to the family vis-à-vis risks of financial abuse

Services of qualified and certified experts are also made available for tax and investment planning, filing and making Wills on request.

Samarth’s financial services for elders in focus on maintaining the financial independence and security of senior clients. With a strict policy of not handling any confidential account information, Samarth team acts as facilitator for all payments and documentation needs. We undertake the actions on behalf of elderly on instructions and get reimbursed for the same.

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