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Elderly Care Services

Comprehensive service for elderly, helping them lead a safe, healthy, convenient and happy life.

our team goes the extra mile to assist with whatever brings happiness and peace of mind to our members, exactly like a son or daughter would do.



Emergency Support

  • 24 X 7 helpline to coordinate emergency support
  • Emergency response protocol setup for the family
  • Hospitalization management
  • Medical emergency fund management
  • Real time coordination and regular updates to family

Health & Hospitalisation

  • Medical care and coordination helpline
  • Accompanied visits for medical appointments
  • Schedule & coordinate diagnostic tests, doctor appointments, and procedures.
  • Second opinion from specialists
  • Surgery/procedure planning
  • GP Review & health profiling
  • Medical claims assistance
  • Nutrition and Exercise consultation
  • Local logistics & companion support for medical travel to major cities

Home Care

  • Doctor consultation at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Coordinated & monitored healthcare services at home (nurse, attendant)
  • Tele-medicine
  • Medicine delivery at home
  • Arrange medical equipment for rent/purchase
  • Manage post-hospitalization care, ICU, or chronic conditions care at home


  • Assist with repairs and maintenance
  • Grocery & food delivery
  • Arrange deep cleaning, pest control, laundry, dry cleaning and personal grooming services
  • Domestic staff selection, sensitisation and supervision
  • Arrange pujas, celebration and other house events
  • Assist with shopping
  • Assist with processing of documents (e.g. licenses, passports)
  • Track and pay bills
  • Assist with pension processing


  • Train & assist in using everyday technology as required (internet, email, video calls, utility apps)
  • Setup home network, online entertainment services etc.
  • Assist with purchase of technology equipment and home appliances
  • Assist with repairs and maintenance

Payments & Finances

  • Tracking and payment of bills
  • Setup prepaid account to manage disbursals
  • Assist with pension processing
  • Banking & insurance support (home, vehicle. etc.)
  • Arrange legal, financial, tax planning, filing support through qualified firms/professionals
  • Assist with Will preparation and Property Management

Social Engagement

  • Organise leisure & recreation, walks, reading and indoor games
  • Accompanied social visits (movies, shopping, place of worship, family events etc.)
  • Opportunities for learning new skills and hobbies
  • Organise mental & physical wellness activities, and counselling if needed
  • Video, online & in-person community meet-ups
  • Samarth accompanied, customised and group tours for seniors
  • Opportunities to participate in professional work, volunteering and social activities

Safety & security

  • Home safety audit and fall- prevention plan
  • KYC of home attendants, staff & house help
  • Support in implementation of smart safety and security measures (access control, monitoring, fall detection)
  • Road-side assistance setup

Mobility & Travel

  • Transport & travel planning and arrangement assistance
  • Companion for local &
    domestic/ international drops
  • Assist in packing, moving or relocating
  • Arrange pick up and drop for local travel
  • Samarth accompanied, customised and group tours for seniors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Samarth is the only care organization offering comprehensive elderly care all over India. Seniors in more than 95 cities are currently under our care. Our comprehensive care services are available in these and any other city in India.   

Our clients can vouch for the fact that quality and trust outweigh all else at Samarth. We invest in recruiting people who demonstrate a combination of very high empathy and accountability. Only services and partners where the answer to the question “Is this good for our own parents” is affirmative, are offered to our clients.

If your need is only for home care by a nurse or attendant for the short term, you can talk to us for a managed home care service where we will depute such staff at your home under our team’s supervision. For any other short-term need, you can write to us with details and we will discuss how best we can help.
While it is advisable to provision services for at least a year, it is possible to subscribe to our plans on a quarterly basis. We also offer a no-questions-asked refund policy so members can cancel the subscription the unused amount is refunded.

To provide integrated high-quality care, Samarth uses specialist service providers for certain needs, eg Doctors, hospitals, physiotherapists, nurses, attendants,  for healthcare, a plumber, electrician, and carpenter for home maintenance, etc., The cost of the service provider is borne by the customer at actuals. Samarth helps organize these doing due diligence on the provider as a son or daughter would do. If requested, the Samarth team can also supervise the services.

Samarth works with a network of selected partners such as Portea, Care24, Nightingale, HCAH, Apollo Home Care, etc. (depending on the need and our assessment of the agency’s strength) who we have evaluated and curated over years of experience. In addition to checking partner agencies’ processes, we check the identity and records of every individual caregiver and interact with them to ensure that they have the necessary qualifications (e.g. GNM or BSc for nurses or GDA for attendants) and security and medical checks from the agency before introducing to the family.  We also facilitate police verification, at additional cost if required.

Yes, we do support the elderly who are in different stages of dementia and related conditions. Our team is sensitized in dealing with such cases. If needed, we can bring in specialists who can help the elderly and the families.

If it becomes imperative for the elderly to relocate to an assisted or senior living facility, we can help the family evaluate and select living options. We do not have a facility of our own, but do track and review available options for our clients. In many cases we continue to support the family as their advocate and extended arm when the elderly is relocated to a senior living facility.

Our mission is to act like sons and daughters. Therefore, our support is comprehensive. While this provides an indicative list of most-needed services, we provide support for a lot more leveraging our resources and capabilities.

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