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A care leaders job is to be the primary local daughter of the parents and a sister to their children.  
  • She helps the children observe, gives suggestions and advices, help them to best take care of the parents.  
  • To the parents she is the elder daughter who they can reach out for any help.  
  • To Samarth, she supports the care counsellor and central operations team with guidance and direction and planning to best support the particular set of parents 
Leader of Relationship 
  • Understand the onboarding form and requirements for care advisor 
  • Setup introduction call, introduce care team (DM & CC) 
  • Discuss and finalize the initial care plan with the children 
  •  Create tasks related to the care plan 
  • Manage communication with children (chat group) 
  • Support central ops team for task information completion
Keep in regular touch with the parents and  
  • Observe for any issues and help that they may require 
  • Assess comfort with care counsellor 
  • Collect information for care journey 
  • Educate parents on samarth care plan capabilities 
  • Direct agenda for visits and care delivery  
  • Identify help and engagement opportunities 
Coordinate completion of emergency protocol 
  • Organise health profile completion 
  • Ensure that emergency contacts data is filled in 
Coordinate Safety and Security audit 
  • Ensure, through care counsellor, completion of the safety security audit 
  • Get the recommendations from the central office 
Ensure, if required with the help of the care counsellor collection of important information 
  • Medical prescriptions 
  • Aadhar card 
  • PPO 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Contact details of – help, estate officer, neighbours, local relatives, doctors 
  • Utility Bills 
  • Interests 
  • Festivals celebrated 
  • Date of birth and anniversary 
Final care plan discussion 
  • Collate information from care counsellor, health calender, safety & Security recommendations and engagement ideas; additional support requirements 
  • Discuss and finalize with children 
Mentor and guide Care counsellor 
  • Help her with her queries 
  • Setup agenda for visits and take her thru the care plan 
  • Validate, correct and lock visit reports 
  • Track for overdue visits 
  • Coordinate with DM for backup care counsellors 
  • Provide feedback on care counsellor for replacement to Delivery manager

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