Samarth Terms and Conditions of Membership (T&C)

The member (“Member”) who has subscribed to any of the paid Plans including Services (as defined hereafter) offered by Samarth Life Management Private Limited (“herein referred to as Samarth/We/Us/Our”) agrees and undertakes, that his/her membership is subject to compliance of the following T&C. The term “Services” mentioned hereunder shall unless it is expressly stated otherwise, include services forming part of all  membership plans offered by Us, i.e. Comprehensive Care Plan, Companion Care Plan , Assure Plan (collectively called the Samarth Care Plans) and their variants (as detailed in Annexure I), and Samarth Community Plan and its variants (as detailed in Annexure II). The term “Member” mentioned hereunder shall refer to person(s) who have subscribed to any of the Plans (referred to as “Subscriber Member”) and/or the Elder(s) to whom the Services are provided (referred to as “Elder Member”) and the designated Next of Kin of the Elder Member (referred to as “Primary Next of Kin Member”).

Users of the Samarth Apps,  including those users who have not subscribed to any of the Samarth Care Plans and Samarth Community Members shall also be subject to the Terms & Conditions as listed on the  www.samarth. community website.



  • Unless terminated or ceased earlier in accordance with the terms of these T&C, the tenure for the membership or term of use of Services (“Term”) will be deemed to be effective from the Service Activation Date (as defined hereinafter) and will continue for the period/duration selected by the Member at the time of payment or if subsequently renewed then such renewed term. ;


    1. The rendering of Services by Samarth are subject to the terms of these T&C and the submission of registration details by the Member either by submitting the details on the website or submitting the Samarth Onboarding Form by email or any other electronic means, or providing the same information in another format or downloading the App and filling in the profile information/registering on the App or by filling out the Samarth Community Membership information (referred to as “Registration”). The Services forming part of Samarth Care Plans may be availed by maximum of 2 (two) elders from the same household. The Member(s), whose details have been disclosed as part of Registration , will be provided the Services identified and mentioned at the time of Registration.
    2. The Samarth Care and Community Plans availed by the Member shall normally be initiated within 2 weeks from the payment date . The Services will be activated on the date that details relevant to the provision of services is confirmed by Us which will be referred to as the “Service Activation Date”. The Subscription fees shall be applicable from the Service Activation Date.
    3. We reserve the right to suspend the Services in case, we believe that the Member, his/her Next of Kin and/or any of his/her family members are in breach of these T&C or the dues are not paid by the Member.
    4. Each Member unconditionally accept and acknowledge the terms of these T&C, and it is further agreed that:
      1. if any Member is not of sound mind or is medically unfit to understand the T&C then all obligations or responsibilities of such Member shall be deemed to be the responsibilities of Subscribing Member. The Primary next of kin (“Next of Kin”) Member is a relative of the Elder Member (s) whose name and details are mentioned in the Membership Form or at the time of online registration (as the case may be), and such Next of Kin shall be of sound mind, above 18 (Eighteen) years of age and is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Member(s).
      2. We assume that the Primary Next of Kin Member is legally empowered to engage in shared decision making on behalf of the Members on healthcare matters.
    5. The Members confirm that the Services shall be provided at the residence of the Elder Members (as per details provided in the Membership Form or at the time of online registration).
    6. In case the Member travels outside of the home and would like to avail Services in the destination , the Member must inform Us at in We will inform the Member if we are able to provide Services in the said destination. We are not liable for providing services in a destination unless We have confirmed the same.
    7. The Member understands that grant of access to the Member’s house is essential for –
      1. emergency support services
      2. rendering Services as detailed in the subscribed Care Plan
    8. With respect to the Services forming part of Clause 2 (h), the Member acknowledge that Our team member(s) or personnel shall be granted an unobstructed access to the Elder Member’s house as and when called for by the Member or required in accordance with the In the event access of the house is found to be locked or inaccessible by Our team member and there is a reported or perceived emergency, We/Our team member reserve the right to break-in to house and deliver our Services and such forcible access shall not be construed as a trespass nor shall We be liable for any proceedings or actions on this account including that We shall not be held responsible for any delay/inability in rendering the Services should the house be found to be locked or inaccessible. Any damage caused due to forceful entry shall be at the Member’s cost, including any consequential collateral loss. We acknowledge that the Services will be performed using reasonable skill, care and standard industry practices and/or applicable laws. In the event of emergencies, We/Our team/ Care Partners thereof may endeavour to perform life-saving measures on the Member to the best of their abilities. However, in the event such life-saving measures may result in untoward consequences or injury or loss of life, then Us/Our personnel shall not be responsible or liable for any untoward consequences including loss and/or damages.
    9. Our Emergency Co-ordination Services, are subject to intimation to Samarth of the emergency by the Members. We will not be responsible for any inability to render Services in the event the intimation is not received by us.
    10. For the purpose of Third party services:
      1. Several services in the Plans are third party services, provided by third party service providers (e.g.,General Duty Assistant, Nurse) , who are not Our employees, and We only act as a facilitator with respect to the Services rendered by them.
      2.  In the event the assigned third party service provider or their team member(s) fails to arrive at the house for rendering Services, then upon receiving intimation of the same from the Member, We will make all efforts to send the replacement at Member’s house at the earliest.


    1. The Member shall download the designated App in his/her mobile and use the App for communicating, requesting and/or reviewing the tasks, reports and information with Samarth team
    2. We reserve the right to modify and update the app from time to time and the Member should regularly check for and update the same


    1. The Member shall pay, in advance, the Membership Fee for the Services and the Set-up Fee forming part of the Plan, and the security deposit meant to cover for chargeable expenses of the Elder(s) covered in the plans and any other charges as particularly detailed and specified at the time of purchase of one or more of the Samarth Membership plans.
    2. In the event the Member fails to make any payment due and payable to Us, within a period of 15 (Fifteen) working days from the receipt of an invoice issued by Us, We shall not be liable or obligated to perform any of the Moreover, such non-performance by Us, due to non-payment of any dues within the stipulated period of time mentioned herein, shall not amount to breach on Our part. The Member agrees and undertakes that in case of any non-payment beyond 15 (Fifteen) working days from date of receipt of invoice issued by Us, the Member will get a cure period of further 15 (Fifteen) days beyond which, in case the payment is still not made, such non-payment shall amount to a breach by the Member and shall entitle Us, to terminate the Plan and seek damages apart from the outstanding payment along with interest @ 12% (Twelve percent) per annum from the date of expiry of such notice period until full and final realization of the dues. For the sake of clarity, in the event the Member clears the outstanding amount along with interest, We shall continue rendering the Services.
    3. We accept payment of all amounts specified herein solely by the methods as communicated by Us to the Member during the sign-up process or from time to time during the In case the payment is not paid in advance, the Member is requested to inform Us promptly of any changes to Member’s payment information. Any fee, charges or consequences towards declined credit cards or dishonour of cheques shall be to the account of the Member.
    4. Member confirms and acknowledges that the Membership Fees and all other amounts, expenses and charges payable to Us are fair and reasonable and are the essence of this arrangement. It is further acknowledged that where any costs, charges or expenses are to be incurred by Us/Our team member /Care Partner in rendering the Services, then same shall be paid/reimbursed to Us by the Member in advance or latest within 7 (Seven) days from raising the invoice.
    5. If, additional or multiple services (of different types) are required or requested for, the rates/fee as then prevalent shall apply, along with such terms and conditions as may be applicable in respect thereof.


  • The Member shall be liable to bear and promptly pay all local and Government taxes as may be levied at present and/or which may be levied at any future date in respect of the Membership Fee, other charges and/or Services. If applicable, such taxes and charges shall be paid by the Member as per Our directions/instructions. It is further clarified that all taxes payable by the Member pursuant to this T&C are in addition to the Membership Fee and/or any other charges payable by the Member.


    1. Member is using the Services during the Term of membership, at his/her own free will, decision and
    2. An Elder Member or the Primary next of kin Member may request Samarth team for a Service through the designated channel. In case of any query or conflicting instructions, Samarth will follow the instructions of the Subscriber Member, provided they are within the scope of services in the subscribed Plan and are not likely to compromise the Elder Members’ safety or well-being in the opinion of Samarth team.
    3. The Member confirms and undertakes that all information provided by him/her or on his/her behalf by the representative/family member is accurate and complete in all material respects.
    4. While providing the Services We will rely on information including medical history, records and reports made available to Us and, unless We expressly agree otherwise, We will have no responsibility to evaluate or verify
    5. The Member shall from time to time update Us regarding the Member’s medical condition and shall provide updated medical information, records and
    6. We shall not be responsible for authentication of medical records, or any wrong interpretation of medical records by clinical personnel at any point of time. The Member is expected to carry original documents for any clinical consultation/procedure/intervention. In case of any discrepancy in Our digitized records and the originals shared by the Member at clinical consultation/procedure/intervention, original medical records shall prevail and be considered and the Member shall not raise any claims against Us/Our team members/Care Partners in this regard.
    7. We will be allowed to maintain digital records of Member’s clinical history for the use of Members and the Samarth Team to provision the Services. However, We shall not be responsible for the clinical interpretation and, in turn, recommendation of medical
    8. The Member shall use all the Services available with care and The Member agrees to abide by and follow all instructions placed or provided by Us from time to time in respect of use/availing the Services.
    9. The Member shall be responsible for safety and security of Our team member(s) /Care Partners while rendering Services at the house of the Elder Member(s).
    10. Our team member/Care Partner will not drive the Member’s vehicle. If Our team member/Care Partner is required to drive Member’s vehicle in case of emergencies at the Member’s insistence, then same shall be done at the Member’s sole risk and responsibility. Further, the Member understands, confirms and undertakes that We/Our team members/Care Partner shall not be responsible or held liable for safety of Member, vehicle driven by Our team members/Care Partner, and Member’s house in such a scenario and the Member shall keep Us and/or Our team members/Care Partner indemnified in this
    11. Any refusal by Our team member/Care Partner from performing any acts or duties which are not covered under the Services as detailed herein shall neither be deemed as refusal or deficiency by Us/team member/Care Partner in rendering Services nor be considered as breach of this T&C by Us/team member/Care Partner.
    12. In certain circumstances (such as severe weather, lockdown, pandemic, riots, curfew ), We may determine it is not safe for Our team member/Care Partner to travel and provide Service at Member’s House and that day We may have to cancel that day’s Services or provide Services (where possible) over electronic means. Our Services are subject to appropriate weather, city civic conditions, Force Majeure conditions including but not limited to riots, lockdown, pandemic, curfew, war, terrorist acts or any external circumstances not under Our control.
    13. The Elder Member takes full responsibility of the safekeeping and safety of their personal property, goods and belongings including but not limited to money, jewellery, eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aids We encourage our members to be extremely vigilant with their personal belongings.
    14. The Member shall inform Us/Our team/Care Partners, if the Member or any person who might be staying at the house of the Member is suffering from any communicable disease or may have come in contact with someone in the past 14 (Fourteen) days, who is suffering from any communicable disease like TB, Hepatitis, COVID-19 which is likely to have an adverse effect on the health of Care givers. The Member also agree and acknowledge to indemnify and hold Us/ Our team/Care Partners harmless against any loss, liability or damage caused due to wilful neglect or negligence in intimating Us/Our team members/Care Partners about the aforementioned. Further, on being informed or learning about the aforementioned situation, We reserve the right to not render any further Service to the Member and such refusal to render Services shall not amount to breach of the these T&C
    15. The Members or his/her family members or any person who might be staying in the house of the Member shall not misbehave, threaten, physically man-handle or detain the Our team members/Care Partners against his/her wishes as the same shall be construed as illegal detention and the Member will be responsible for any contingencies/harm caused to Our team member/ Care Partner directly or indirectly due to the acts or omission on part of the Member.
    16. Members shall not:
      1. either by words or by action cause or permit anything that is in all reasonableness likely to be abusive, offensive, derogatory, disruptive or dangerous for Our team members/Care Partner providing the Services;
      2. use the Services, to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive or obscene or abusive activities.
      3. poach, solicit or entice away or attempt to poach, solicit or entice away any officer or employee/trainee/Care Partner involved with/engaged by Us, or Our affiliates;
      4. request or require Our team members /Care Partners rendering Services to do or perform activities which are beyond its scope of work;
      5. give any material gifts, monies or kickbacks to Our team members /Care Partners.


  • The Member hereby represents and warrants that:
    1. Subscriber Member/Primary Next of Kin Member has all requisite legal power and authority to enter into and abide by the terms and conditions as enumerated under these T&C;
    2. All the information, records, reports including medical records provided by Elder Member or on his/her behalf are true and accurate and We may rely on the same for the purposes of rendering the Services. Further, in case any liability arises out of use of such information, records, reports then We shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever towards the Members and/or any third party;
    3. The Members acknowledge and accept that the Member’s personal information disclosed to Us, shall be used for the purpose of providing Services and, shall be collected, used, stored and shared in accordance with the terms of Our privacy policy. In the event the Member or Member’s representative wish to withdraw the consent at any time here after, the Member or Member’s Representative may ask for the data/information to be removed, by submitting a request in this regard with Us at On receiving such request, We shall remove such information at the earliest However, the Member or Member’s representative accept and acknowledge that in the event such consent is refused, or withdrawn, We retain the right to either not provide or withdraw the Services for which the said information was sought. It is further accepted and acknowledged that the inability to provide the Services in such event shall not amount to default or breach on Our part and We shall not be liable for any damages, claims or loss caused consequently;
    4. The rights, benefits, privileges and obligations of the Members are personal and non-transferrable in nature and the Members hereby represents and warrants that the Members shall not transfer or let any third-party use and/or access the Services;
    5. In case of emergency vis-a-vis the Elder(s) covered under the Plan, We reserve the right to take such actions as We may deem prudent and necessary and Member or his/her family members shall provide full co-operation in respect of the same; and
    6. While rendering the Services to the Member, We generate and store data for the Member, their medical records, activities/engagements with Us etc. In this regard, the Member hereby expressly, unequivocally and unconditionally consents and agrees that such data and information can be used/shared by Us in case of emergencies and/or for research or survey purposes (if consented under the Membership Form/ at the time of registration on the App). However, such data and record will be shared by Us for communication, research or survey purposes (if consented), in anonymized manner and no royalties, fees or charges will be payable to the Member for the same.


  • Notwithstanding, anything contained in these T&Cs, the Members agrees and acknowledge that:
    1. Certain Services stated herein will be provided through/by a third-party service provider/vendor/facilitator/channel partner, in which case the Member may be required to sign separate agreement(s)/letter(s)/document(s) as may be required or deemed necessary by such third party.
    2. While We take reasonable care in selecting third-party service providers, Samarth only acts as a coordinator vis-a-vis third party services and thus, We shall not be liable in manner what so ever, directly or indirectly, for any act or omission on the part of such third party which results into any kind of damage, loss, claim, injury (including death) etc.
    3. We shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, inaccuracy or deficiency in Service, refusal to provide any discounts, privileges or services represented or warranted by any third party. Unless expressly provided, the Membership Fees shall not include fees/cost of any third-party services.
    4. The Member authorizes Us to share relevant data on a need-to-know basis with third-party service provider to ensure that they are able to provide the Member the necessary Services and for research purposes (if consented).


    1. We may terminate the membership at any time, with or without cause, by giving 7 (Seven) days advance written notice to the Member.
      We may withhold Services and/or terminate the membership by giving 7 (Seven) days prior written notice to the Member upon breach/default by the Member of these T&C and/or any rules, regulations and instructions intimated to the Member from time to time and failure of the Member to rectify the same within the given notice period.
    2. Notwithstanding anything contained in (a) and (b) above, We shall have the right to terminate the membership immediately upon notice to the Member:
      1. at any time if the Member is found to be engaging in behaviour which is a threat to the mental and/or physical health or safety of Our team members/Care Partners providing care and Services at the house of the Member;
      2. at any point, before or after the Member has accessed the Services, upon finding about any misrepresentation or omission made by the Member while providing information specifically with regard to Medical history or resources of the Member.
    3. We reserve the right to not render Services, upon finding that We/Our team members /Care Partners will not be able to take the Member’s care owing to Member’s medical condition including if the Member or any person residing at his house are suffering from a communicable disease including COVID-19 (which was not disclosed to Us earlier or which condition happened/occurred at a later stage). Our decision in this regard shall be final and Our liability will be limited to refunding the Membership Fee net of taxes (to the extent not exhausted), subject to necessary deductions, if any, to the Member.


    1. A Member may terminate the membership of Plan by giving Us a 1 (One) month’s prior written notice. During the notice period, the Member shall be liable to pay the Membership Fee and other charges, if applicable.


    1. Non-renewal: Our responsibility to render the Services may also cease to exist in the event of non-renewal of the Membership by the Member prior to expiry of the If the Member intends to continue the Membership, it shall make a written request with Us at least 15 (Fifteen) days prior to the expiry of the Term. On receipt of such request we shall renew the Services for such period as may be agreed at the time of renewal.
    2. Death: This membership shall terminate automatically upon death of the Member(s) receiving the Services. The Member/Primary Next of Kin shall be charged the Membership Fees and other charges (as applicable) till the period Services are provided. Notwithstanding anything contained herein before, it is clarified that in the event the Services, are being rendered to 2 (Two) Members residing under 1 (One) household, on death of 1 (One) Member, the Services shall continue for the other Member, until expiry/termination of this Agreement or the death of such Member.


  • We shall not be liable to render any Services post termination, cessation or expiry of the membership.


    1. In case Member wishes to terminate a Plan for any reason before expiry of the Term of membership as mentioned at the time of purchase of the Services or if renewed then the renewed period, then refund of any advance amounts will be made to the Member after withholding subscription amount of the month of termination from the amount paid, at the prevailing rate of and the Member agrees and confirms the same.
      However, where the amounts lying with Us pertains to period of less than 1 month then the entire amounts lying with Us shall stand forfeited and We shall not be liable for refund of any amount to the Member.


    1. We will provide the Services to the Member as an independent service provider and not as the employee, agent, partner or in joint venture.
    2. The Member shall have no right, power or authority to assume or to bind or to create any obligation on behalf of or in Our name or Our team member’s name, in any manner whatsoever.
    3. The Member agrees and acknowledges that We reserve the right of admission of the Member and/or cancellation of membership of the Member, at Our sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.
    4. The Member shall ensure that the Next of Kin representative or emergency contact person (as specified and shared in the Membership Form or at the time of online registration) shall not transfer or otherwise assign his/her duties and obligations qua the Member and this membership, without prior written intimation to Us.


  • The Member hereby agrees and undertakes to indemnify  Us, Our team members, our employees, Our agents, Our representative from and against any and all claims, including third party claims, liabilities, and expenses including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any breach of the T&C and/or any breach of law in any material respect, by the Member or Next of Kin or family members of the Member.


    1. The Member understands that We have agreed to render Our Services to the Member under good faith and shall make best efforts to provide the Services which are safe, healthy and suitable to the needs of the Member and therefore, We shall not be liable for any special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, or hurt caused to the Member. Further, We shall not be liable for damages or loss of health, loss of material possession, or death of the Member arising out of or related to the act not attributable to Us and/or Our team member/affiliates/partners/service providers/Care Partners.
    2. In any event, Our liability will not exceed the amount paid by the Member to Us in last preceding quarter of the Term from the date such liability arose.


  • Any/all notices or consents will be given via registered speed post or short message service (SMS) or email of the Member (details of which have been shared at the time of Registration) and will be effective or deemed served on the first business day after being sent.


  • The Courts at New Delhi shall have jurisdiction over the disputes relating to the membership, Membership Form, and these T&C.

    The arrangement/membership and T&C shall be governed in accordance with laws of India.


  • At all times, We shall address Our communications, notices, correspondences etc. to the Subscriber Member  having such details as are mentioned by the Member at the time of Registration. Any change in details shall be intimated to Us by the Member in writing failing which We shall not be liable for loss or non-receipt of the communication, notices, correspondences resulting in any losses or non-compliances.


  • We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions for use of Services, Membership Fees and other charges at any time and same will be notified to the Member  over email. Samarth shall deem the T&C as an unequivocal and unconditional acceptance of such modifications if no objections is raised within 3 (Three) days of dispatch of the updated terms and conditions.


  • If any provision of these T&C (in whole or part) is held to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


  • Member and/or the representative agree, acknowledge and expressly consent that We can use their testimonials, pictures and videos as on social media, brochures, website or any other collateral for communication purposes.


  • We shall not be liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any breach/default of the Services caused by circumstances beyond Our control including without limiting to any acts of God, pandemic, strike, orders of authorities etc. Further, in case of a force majeure event, if We are unable to render any part of the Services, the same shall not be considered breach or default on Our part and the future course of action shall be mutually decided between the Parties.


  • It is hereby clarified that the Welcome Kit (if applicable), Membership Form (if signed), online Registration Forms and these T&C (including all annexures to these T&C) comprises of information, terms and conditions for accessing and using the Services and the specific commercials, details and understanding relating to the Services, Membership Fees, payments terms, Member details, term, complimentary and additional services etc. The T&C shall form part of the Registration/ Onboarding Form (if signed), and shall be read in conformity with the same.


  • Neither the expiration nor termination of the Services shall affect such provisions of these T&C that by their very nature must survive such expiration or termination or which out of necessity must continue to have effect after such expiration or termination.

Annexure I
Services Provided under Samarth Care Plans*

  • Emergency
    1. 24 X 7 helpline to coordinate emergency support
    2. Emergency response protocol setup for the family
    3. Hospitalization and Medical emergency fund management
    4. Real time coordination with family and regular updates


    1. Medical care and coordination helpline
    2. Scheduling & coordinating tests, check-ups, doctor appointments, home consultations, second opinion from specialists, medicine delivery at discounted rates
    3. Accompanied visits for medical appointments
    4. Coordinated & monitored healthcare services at home (Nurse/Physio etc), arranging medical equipment & device for rent/purchase Organise post hospitalization care management, ICU, or chronic care at home
    5. Surgery/procedure planning
    6. Digitizing prescriptions, reports & updates
    7. Medical claims assistance
    8. Local logistics & companion support in case of medical travel to major cities


    1. Tracking and payment of bills and other Banking & insurance support (home, vehicle. etc.)
    2. Domestic staff selection, sensitization, supervision and salary disbursals
    3. Transport & travel assistance, companion for local & domestic/ international drops*
    4. Assist with home & vehicle repair and maintenance
    5. Grocery & food delivery
    6. Arrange deep cleaning, pest control, laundry, dry cleaning and personal grooming services
    7. Assist in packing, moving or relocating
    8. Train & assist in using everyday technology (internet, email, video calls, utility apps)
    9. Assist with online and offline shopping, government and utilities (Aadhaar, licenses, passports, CGHS)
    10. Arrange legal, financial, tax planning, filing support through qualified firms/professionals
    11. Assist with Will preparation and Property Management


    1. One on one leisure & recreational time with care counsellors
    2. Accompanied recreational & social visits (movies,shopping, eating out, place of worship, family events)
    3. Opportunities for learning new skills, restarting hobbies, mental & physical wellness activities
    4. Setup home and online entertainment services
    5. Travel planning and arrangements including Samarth senior citizens domestic and international tours
    6. Opportunities to participate in professional work, volunteering and social activities

    Safety and Security

    1. Home safety audit and fall- prevention plan
    2. KYC of home attendants, staff & house help
    3. Support in implementation of smart safety and security measures (access control, monitoring, fall detection) Road-side assistance setup

    *This is an indicative list of services. The scope of services may differ based on the plan and requirements of the family

Annexure II
Services Provided under Samarth Community Plans*

    1. Discount on Medicine Purchases
    2. Complimentary Samarth Printed Magazine subscription
    3. Weekly Samarth Knowledge Centre Newsletter
    4. Access to Exclusive Online Sessions with Financial Experts, Doctors
    5. Weekly Zoom Sessions on Entertainment for Senior Citizens
    6. Access to social causes, volunteering opportunities and jobs
    7. Exclusive Help Desk for Assistance with Matters Pertaining to Senior Citizens
    8. Recommended Products Handpicked for Senior Citizens

    *This is an indicative list of services. The scope of services may differ based on the plan and requirements of the family

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