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10 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help | Samarth Elder Care

“Ever felt a twinge of guilt, imagining your childhood home in India, once filled with laughter, now echoing with the silence of your aging parents?” As you stroll through the bustling streets of cities like London or Dubai, memories of freshly brewed chai and Bollywood tunes might tug at your heartstrings. But with each passing day, a nagging question arises: Are your parents getting the senior care they deserve back home? Recognizing the signs that they might need care for elderly in India isn’t just crucial—it’s a profound responsibility.


It’s not just about looking after our parents; it’s about providing them with the best senior citizen care. With many of us in global cities, ensuring quality care for elderly parents back in India can be challenging. This blog will guide you through the signs that they might need senior care. Let’s work together to make their later years as fulfilling as possible. Your peace of mind, and their comfort, depend on it.

The Growing Need for Elderly Care in India

Envision the lively ambiance of India’s local markets and festivals. Amidst the colors and sounds, there’s a rising number of familiar, aging faces – our aging parents. With predictions indicating that by 2050, about 20% of India’s populace will be 60 or above, the demand for elderly care in India is surging like never before.

The joint family system, once the bedrock of Indian society, is giving way to nuclear families. Global opportunities have beckoned many of us, leaving our aging parents and elder care responsibilities in the hands of extended families or, at times, to the elders themselves. This shift has brought forth challenges in traditional senior citizen care. Today’s elders, once cocooned in family warmth, now often face the brunt of modernity, from mastering technology to managing daily tasks.

Take, for instance, Mrs. Sharma in Delhi. She was once the life of every family event but now grapples with mobility challenges. Or Mr. Iyer in Chennai, who, accustomed to a simpler time, finds the digital age overwhelming. Their narratives underscore the growing necessity for specialized senior citizen care and elderly care in India. It compels us to reflect: In this changing landscape, how do we ensure our aging parents experience their golden years with dignity and joy?

10 Signs Your Aging Parents Might Need Assistance

1. Changes in Physical Appearance:

On your visits home, you might spot noticeable changes. Perhaps your father’s hair is unkempt or your mother, once meticulous about her attire, now seems indifferent. An almost empty fridge or scarce pantry items can hint at struggles with daily tasks. These signs underscore the evolving needs for parent care in India and the importance of attentive elder parent care.

2. Forgetfulness and Memory Lapses:

Occasional forgetfulness is common, but when your father frequently misplaces his glasses or forgets his medication, it’s more than just a minor lapse. It could be an early sign that they might need senior care or specialized care for elderly. Picture him, looking puzzled, saying, “I don’t remember where I kept my medications,” or expressing concern with, “I’m not sure what happened to the bills.” Such moments highlight the importance of considering senior care options to support their well-being.

3. Decline in Home Maintenance:

If on your visits you start to notice unattended chores, bills piling up, or the once-spick-and-span living room now cluttered, it’s a red flag. These could be signs that daily activities have become overwhelming for them.

4. Social Isolation:

Recall the days when your parents were the heart and soul of every gathering? If they’ve started to shy away from social events, or if whispers from neighbors suggest that your parents are seldom seen outdoors, it’s a signal that warrants attention. Such diminished social interactions can be a precursor to feelings of loneliness and depression. It’s essential to recognize these signs and consider the right parent care solutions. After all, ensuring their emotional well-being is as crucial as their physical health, and this is where quality senior citizen care plays a pivotal role.

5. Mobility Issues:

When your mother, who once cherished her morning walks, starts to hesitate before stepping out due to fear of falling, it’s a clear indicator. Or if you observe her gripping onto furniture for support as she moves around the house, it’s a concerning sign. Such mobility challenges not only limit their day-to-day activities but also heighten the risk of injuries. It’s essential to recognize these signs early and consider the available options for senior citizen care. With the rising demand for elderly care in India, there are specialized services tailored to address these challenges, ensuring our parents can lead a life of dignity and safety.

6. Changes in Personality or Mood:

When your typically jovial father starts displaying unexplained mood swings or becomes unusually irritable, it might be more than just a bad day. Such behavioral changes could hint at underlying health concerns or even the onset of conditions like dementia. Recognizing these signs is crucial in ensuring they receive the right senior citizen care. Especially in a country like ours, understanding the nuances of elderly care in India can make all the difference in their well-being.

7. Difficulty in Managing Finances:

If you stumble upon unpaid bills or unexplained expenses, or if your parents dodge conversations about finances, it’s a red flag. Such signs hint that your aging parents and elder care needs might be escalating. It’s crucial to recognize these cues early and consider the right elder parent care solutions.

8. Neglecting Personal Hygiene:

When basic hygiene tasks, such as bathing or dental care, start slipping, it’s not mere oversight. Such changes can signal physical challenges or cognitive issues in aging parents and elder care needs. Recognizing these signs is vital for timely elder parent care interventions.

9. Reduced Communication:

When your mother’s daily calls turn weekly, or your father sidesteps conversations about his health, it might hint at underlying challenges. They could be grappling with issues but hesitate to burden you, highlighting a potential need for senior care or care for elderly support.

10. Health Issues:

Noticing frequent illnesses or unexplained bruises in your parents can be alarming. If they brush off these signs or can’t remember their origin, it’s a red flag, suggesting they might need senior care. As their child, ensuring they receive the right care for elderly becomes paramount.

The Role of Senior Care Solutions in India

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the well-being of our aging parents from afar can be a daunting task. Thankfully, services like Samarth Elder Care have emerged as a beacon of hope for many. With its inception in 2016, Samarth has been at the forefront, revolutionizing the elderly care in India landscape.

Here’s a breakdown of what Samarth offers and its significance:

  • Personal Touch: Samarth emphasizes a unique approach of caring “like a son or daughter.” This isn’t just parent care; it’s about creating a familial bond, ensuring the elderly feel loved and cared for.
  • Comprehensive Care: Their gold-standard in elder parent care is comprehensive, personalized, and proactive. It’s akin to the meticulous care a child would provide to a parent.
  • Wide Reach: Operating in over 75 cities in India, Samarth ensures that quality elder care is accessible to many, bridging the urban-rural divide.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond just physical and health needs, Samarth addresses the social and emotional aspects of elderly life. This ensures a well-rounded care approach, catering to all facets of an elder’s life.
  • Innovation at its Best: With dedicated care counselors and a blend of touch and technology, the elderly can lead a life of dignity and confidence in their homes. It’s modern care for elderly with a traditional touch.
  • Global Recognition: Leading global companies have partnered with Samarth, underlining its quality and the trust it has garnered in the parent care in India domain.

As you navigate the challenges of distance and time, services like Samarth stand as a testament to the fact that our parents can receive the best senior care they deserve, even when we’re miles away.


The golden years of our parents should be filled with comfort, dignity, and joy. Recognizing the early signs that they might need assistance is not just about being observant; it’s about being responsible and compassionate. As their children, no matter where we are in the world, it’s our duty to ensure that they live these years with the love and care they bestowed upon us. Taking proactive steps, understanding their needs, and ensuring their well-being is paramount. It’s not just about providing care for the elderly; it’s about cherishing the bond, the memories, and the love.

How Samarth Can Help?

Your parents have always been there for you, guiding, supporting, and loving unconditionally. Now, it’s your turn to be there for them. Explore the comprehensive services offered by Samarth Elder Care. Let’s ensure that our parents receive the best elderly care in India, surrounded by warmth, care, and comfort. Dive in, learn more, and take that step today for a brighter, happier tomorrow for your loved ones.

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