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Job Discription of CC (Includes physical attributes, presentation, and communication)

  1. Demonstrate a caring approach towards elderly and bring the Samarth “mission of acting like the son or daughter” to life. Care counsellors are expected to act like daughters of the elders that they are covering. The elders can expect the same help that you would provide your parents, if you were staying 4-5 kms away from them. Care counsellors develop a relationship with the elders, so that they feel comfortable expressing their needs and concerns to them, and not depend on their children for their day to day activities for independent living.
  2. Schedule and visit Elders/Care Clients fortnightly or weekly (as agreed in their plan) for checking general wellbeing. In some cases, more frequent visits are also scheduled. Additionally, in case of requirement, extra visits are also done. These are typically to cover any appointments or events or urgent errand that needs to be done.
  3. Care counsellors are also encouraged to call, at least once a week to the families.
  4. Care councellor will help in monitoring the attendant / nurse / domestic help and ensuring that they are working properly? During the visits, spend a couple of minutes talking to the attendant / nurse / domestic help, and also observe his / her behaviour. The care councellor would monitor and check the staff is polite and relaxed, if not this is an area of concern. Check if they have any concerns or suggestions or apprehensions. Are they planning to go on vacation etc? Check with attendant / nurse a few questions on the health of patient and see if they are aware. Are the medicines available? When is the next checkup / test? Check the vitals need that are tracked, please check if they are maintained and looking ok. Also, check with the elders if they are comfortable with the attendant / nurse and any concern that they might have.
  5.  Accompany members on visits for hospital visits– This could vary from understanding medical needs and treatment of the elders, organizing their medical documents, ordering medicines, tracking, fixing and accompany them to their doctor appointments.
    You will also have situations where the elder will resist going for follow ups. In such case, you will be required to convince / persuade the elders to go and use support of children and Samarth central team as required
    If the medical case is complex you can request doctor for speaking to the children or allow you to record the conversation.
  6. Provide assistance for online activities in ordering and facilitation convenience in management of lifestyle as required in coordination with Relationship Service Manager /Delivery pay bills, helping organise home maintenance activities like ac servicing, deep cleaning, basically anything a daughter can be expected to do etc. Of course, wherever service providers are required, use the Samarth central team to organise that support.
  7. Support in Shopping, Banking and Local Events Outings – Do suggest such outings based on the elders interest. Help them book tickets and accompany them if required.
  8. Help with understanding usage of basic technology (smart phone, computer etc.) as needed Understanding whats app, Ola / Uber, You tube, Netflix, Online bill payments, email etc.
  9. Ensure high level of availability and responsiveness over phone to the care members and Samarth team.
  10. Act as single source of support for coordinating services (such as home healthcare, attendants, in-home services viz. plumbing and painting, and equipment maintenance) for care members through Samarth central operations team.
  11. Ensure prompt and proper record keeping and reporting (e.g. Visit Report).
  12. Communication with children, parents and central team shall be professional and attribute to transparency, Trust and Honesty.

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